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Stacy & Troy Hadrick speaking at Alltech Global 500

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Troy and Stacy Hadrick speak to thousands of people at dozens of public and private events each year. Are you interested in having Advocates for Agriculture speak at your conference, gathering or meeting? If so, let us know via our Contact page.

Advocates for Agriculture have a variety of different speech topics for you to choose from. We can tailor our topics to closely follow the theme of your agriculture conference or meeting. Troy and Stacy have also designed our messages to build on one another so that we can continue to work with your group to make them the strongest advocates for agriculture.


The time is Now to ACT for Agriculture. This extremely interactive keynote will get the audience not only thinking but taking ACTion when they see things that are inaccurate about agriculture.Troy and Stacy will walk groups through a real world example of when they took on a highly respected institution that was spreading misinformation about agriculture. During the ACT Now keynote people will laugh and gain skills to help them make positive change for agriculture. For groups that are currently doing advocacy work, this keynote will push them to do more and take it beyond where they are right now.

The Real Enemy of Agriculture

Agriculture is being bombarded every day by people who are trying to eliminate production agriculture in this country. Do you know how to combat this negative message? It’s time to stand up and tell the true story of agriculture. Find out who the real enemy of agriculture is in this keynote address. Troy and Stacy will challenge audiences to share their story about agriculture. This entertaining speech will give you the tools and motivation to get them out promoting agriculture one story at a time.

Discovering Your Influential Power

What’s the most valuable tool you can use to make your operation a success? It is your story. Consumers are asking more questions these days about where their food comes from and how it is raised, and they don’t always get their information from creditable sources. It is up to us as producers of food and fiber to tell our positive story of production agriculture. In this keynote, the Hadrick’s share with their audiences what it means to be an influential person and gives you the tools to effectively tell their story.

Workshop Sessions

We have workshop sessions that compliment each of the keynote topics. The workshops will take the tools we’ve discussed in the keynote and have the participants apply them. The sessions are very interactive and challenge the audience to go home and take action.

Are you interested in having Advocates for Agriculture speak at your conference, gathering or meeting? If so, let us know via our Contact page.

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